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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

Sometimes you have to fall down the stairs just to remember that they are steep

Well life has taken a turn for the better, some instrumental events have occurred in my life that have ricocheted my course and changed my being. I have come to terms with things and have figured that I heave learned many important lessons from this journey

1: you never know what is true tell you know
2: women are confusing but only as confusing as you make them
3: who gives a crap what random people think of you, be nice to your friends and respect authority you do respect and you win the prize
4: It's ok to step outside your boundaries every now and again (like you did when you where little) it reminds you that you are indeed alive.

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003

The obtuse paradox in a box of soap

Twisted, tilted, skewed, what if-
The world rolls under your feet, as if you where a clown tendering atop.
What if-
So close, yet far away, clich�d. Perhaps but no better phrase truly exists.
Focused, absent, astray.
Feeling so satisfied yet so empty.

(I know it doesn't flow well at all. That's the point)

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Monday, December 15th, 2003

Today was one of those days that only comes every 'now and again' and never happens again.

Chanee (sorry man I murdelized your name), Andrea, and I went to the Carousel after school, it was a blast. We than played at the park and journeyed to the import market and looked at random stuff.

We than dropped by a store on the way home and bought various things one of the things Andrea bought was a rose, and it led me to realize that a rose is better than a bouquet because it's less crowded.

We journeyed back to school and met up with my brother and later we all went to Andrea's orchestra concert and enjoyed Christmas music and various other songs. Than I took em' all to dinner (recently acquired some funds) seemed like the fun random thing to do and I don't regret the spendage in the slightest.

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