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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Well, recently I've been hanging out with Kayla as much as possible (what else is new, lol). She has been grounded still, but thank god I'm aloud to see her. I think I would go crazy. Anyhow the other day I got off work at 3 and met her and Corey at school. I went over to Kayla's and helped her clean her room before her Dad got home, cause yah, she's Kayla and didn't do it tell the last minuet. Well we spent the rest the day together and afterwards I walked down to orange street food farm to meet Terra and her friends. But she never showed and I ended up going to Josh's to stay.

I've been looking at a room for rent on Livingston street, actually right across the street from my stepfather's work. It's $225 a month plus about $50 a month for utilities. I'm still undecided if it's worth my time and money to move out at this time but because of the location of this place, within walking distance of Kayla's house and work. It's defiantly worth taking a long hard look at. I'm supposed to meet the land lady Monday after work to take a look at the house.

Today I went over to Kayla's after work and we played LAN games (Edward (my computer) spent the weekend there) and afterwards Jennifer picked me up and I took Edward to Josh's and I'm staying up there again and I'm going back to Kayla's tomorrow around noon. Tomorrow is Jen's birthday so HAPPY B-DAY JEN!

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

So here I am, currently at this place on Orange Street called Underground Games. It's a store that has about 10 computers set up, and you can pay like $3.25 an hour to play games either online or on the LAN. Anyhow, I got to see Kayla today. She was grounded so I was worried I wouldn't be able to see her for a while but thankfully her dad said it was alright if I came over.

I got paid the other day and have been spending a bit of money, trying to save some of it though. Got a 250 gig hard drive, I plan to put it in Edward tonight soon as I get home. Than tomorrow, being my day off. I'll see Kayla and than I'll probably order some more parts off newegg if FedEx will deliver to my dad's house that is.

Mom, Kevin, and Aslyn just left this morning for Oregon to attend my Cousin Tanner's Wedding, seems he and Sera decided its time to "tie the knot" - I know marriage at his age (he is about my age ~20) is some what discouraged. But I say; only you can live your life. And all a good parent can do is equip you with the tools you may need to make the right decisions. Once a decision has been made, you have already influenced it to the extent you ever will be able to, especially one like that. I guess what I'm saying is since they are getting Married, what they need now is support from their families. Because it's a scary step, even when looking into true loves face.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Well today is my day off and I felt like updating you people. Kayla is back in school so its back to seeing her 3 days a week (Sucks but better than nothing). Corey is staying in Frenchtown with Dad, and seems to be doing well. I hear they hooked a phone up for him downstairs so he can get calls from his friends. He said that Logan and him have been playing soul caliber and tolerating the inevitable presence of Ashley and likely the other two boys.

Work is going well, and I spent a majority of my pay check on upgrading my 20 gig iPod to a 40 gig. Seems x-mas drove Mac to being completely sucked dry of the 20 gig model, so my attempts to just replace my 20 gig when it broke where vein. Thankfully however I simply paid the difference of 130$ and bought myself a nice 40 gig from the used units display. Was going to spend 230$ and get one that could slideshow photos. But Kayla talked me out of it convincing me that was a waste of 100$. Thankfully though! Because turns out later that evening I needed 60$ to purchase a new hub because the one I have been using is borrowed, and the owner wants it back. So basically I would have been without internet tell I could afford a new hub if I had spent that extra 100$.

I'm meeting Dukey at school today and am heading over to his place. Seems his computer is having trouble with the upgrades he acquired this x-mas. Shouldn't be anything too difficult. But I'll bring Edward (my computer) just incase. I had better start packing her up pretty soon.

Kayla is back in school and is trying hard with her homework. A new play is coming up and she will be reading the script tonight to see if she wants to audition. I don't think she should audition because it takes too much time, and every play she does she runs herself into the ground between practice and homework. But eh' it's up to her, and she seems to have made it thus far. Guess I'm bias because I never did anything extracurricular. But I'm sure no matter what she chooses she will do just fine.

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Loads of stories to tell, but first I'd just like to wish everyone a happy new year. 2004 had its dreamlike ups and its sharp downs. Looking back I'd have to say I have learned a great deal about myself and my loved ones. I think I am given too little credit for that though. But seeking praise is no way to walk this road.

Zak, my friend of just about 8 years, visited for Christmas this year. So I mostly hung out with him during the nights. And we had quite a few adventures with him and his crowd. While during the days I have been working at Wendy's 11-5 pm, and spending my evenings with Kayla. I have been loving it, Kayla has been on winter brake and I can see her every day.

I was invited to a New-years party at her house just the other night. I actually ended up sleeping there on the couch, so that was a new experience. Her family and their friends are wonderful people and I enjoy their company, though I feel a bit out of place, being the boyfriend and all. I still enjoy at least people watching.

New-years Kayla and I ate snacks and such from the main party, and than would retreat to her room where we watched the extended version of Return of the King. We made it a little over half way though the film, it was remarkable however. But my attention span just wasn't in it after staying up tell 4 the night before with Zak. I barely made it to the new year awake.

Well to sum it up I've been having an awesome time lately, so I thought I'd start the new year out with a happy poem I wrote today, reflecting on staying with Kayla last night, called [ A Kiss Goodnight ] , so give it a read.

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