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Monday, January 30, 2006

Well this is to make up for my lack of an update on Saturday. I wrote one out and it was decently long and I (being dumb at the time) forgot to save it. Naturally I lost my motivation and decided to neglect you all. Sorry. Anyhow here we go.

I got Edward up and running 100%, actually lets say 90% because I'm still borrowing Kayla's video card, and my card reader is still in the mail being replaced. I gave Kayla her CPU early, I'll find something else for our anniversary.

Saturday was amazing; we all hung out and made this huge breakfast for everyone. Kevin made pancakes (though Kayla pretty much took that over half way though). I made has browns, but forgot I was cooking them (got distracted by Edward) and Kayla finished making those too. And Kayla made eggs, so technically Kayla did most the cooking. Bobcat gave us peanut butter, ham, and a extra pan to use for the cooking. It was so much fun. We later watched the Moulin Rouge with Tyler and Kevin, don't know if they enjoyed it, but I sure did.

Sunday we went to see Underworld 2, it was mostly a hack and slash gore flick. I enjoyed it simply because I liked the atmosphere from the first one. Kayla had only seen part of the first one, and against my judgement we went to see Underworld 2 without having her finishing the first one. She was lost most the moving and didn't fallow it. So I ended up trying to explain this movie while I'm trying to watch it and understand it for myself, was multi-tasking at its worst. She paid for the tickets and treats though, it was nice to go to a movie and pig out without thinking about how much money I was wasting.

I'm working on a hand full of new poems, can never seem to finish a one of them though. And I've been trying to pump some life back into Bounty Hunters. Bobcat (our neighbor) volunteered to help me, so tonight after I play Half-Life 2 with Kayla, Bobcat is coming over to look at the game with me. I cant wait to get back to work on that game.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Life has been going better now that most my computer problems are, at least temporarily, dealt with. I mailed out my video card, old liquid pump, and my card reader Thursday. I'm still borrowing Kayla's Video card but I'm fairly confident that ATI will replace it. All and all I'm still not to a point where I can take my computer for granted. Today I'm ordering a new power supply and a second monitor, now its time for some fun upgrading.

Last night was a blast, Kayla came over and we watched movies and basically just hung around. I got paid Friday so we splurged and got fried chicken, soda, and later I bought her Ice Cream (Though I bought the wrong kind) She wanted Cookie Dough and I got Cookies and Cream. At least she ate some of it. I'll probably end up giving it to Kevin, cause I'll never finish it alone.

Kevin paid for bike repairs (THANKS KEVIN!) so now my brakes work and I can shift gears without the grinding and popping. Its good that I got that fixed when I did because about 2 days later (last night) it decided to snow here again. So I had a lovely cold ride to work this morning.

Bounty Hunters 3 is coming along slowly. I can't seem to settle on a dice system. It is very difficult working on it without a role-playing group to bounce ideas off of, makes me miss the days back in Minnesota. I tried to talk to Corey about it over the phone but it just doesn't work. Hopefully an amazing idea falls into my lap soon because I'm getting sick of dead ends. I was hoping to have a playable version by today but that didn't work out, I've moved the deadline to Saturday the 28th.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lots of stories, some better than others. To start let's mention Mom's visit. While Edward was down mom decided to haul her computer to Montana so I could fix it for her. It was a simple format and maintenance job but I got lots of free food and stuff for it. It was fun having Mom around, I hung out with her and her friends a couple of times and I got to hear a lot of stories I never heard before. All of my friends liked her, "Dude, your Mom's pretty chill." But said she was a little hyper, adding, "now we know where you get it." Mom seems to be doing well and said she enjoyed her stay in Missoula. She ended up going back early because Aslyn was missing her too much. But we got in some good times and I had a blast.

Radical Edward: well first she is running again. So that's good. I got my new Liquid Pump in the mail Friday, the tubing I ordered ended up being to thick to work with it so I road my bike to ACE hardware, in the rain I might add, to pick up some smaller tubing. I found some transparent tubes with a 1/2 inch outer diameter and those worked fine with the pump. The guy at ACE told me to run a lighter over the end of the tube to make it soft so I could basically cram the tube over the 3/8 inch connector. It worked and is leak proof. That is going to be a bastard if I ever decided to take it apart.

I was smart about it this time and assembled the liquid parts outside the case, thankfully because I had over tightened the flow indicator and it leaked the first time I turned it on. She ran fine and even looks good, soon as my UV lights come Ill take some pictures and post em.

Well, now on to the bad news. My video card got fluid on it (I'm assuming) because it started getting lots of artifacts (like it was overheating) and than just went crazy. I'm hoping that ATI will take it back (granted I wont say I dripped anti-freeze on it) but for now I'm using Kayla's graphics card and she is borrowing my old geforce 4mx (seeing as how her CPU is out of the picture right now it works out).

Over all, I'm just glad to have a computer again, that was too long. But I'm sad about my video card, just another thing to add to the shopping list. New CPU (for Kayla), UV lights, New cables, New Power Supply, and now, new video card.

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

Yesterday was good and than it decided to suck. Kayla and I baby sat while Tom and Kim went to Harry Potter. We had a good time, goofing off with the kids, and eating food. Kristen played Jawbreaker on my PDA and Kaitlyn went around spilling cereal everywhere while I hurried to pick it up before she crushed it into the carpet. Well when we where almost done watching them Kayla accidentally bumped this big glass barometer it was this glass tube filled with liquid with all these different colored balls in it. Anyhow, it broke. Shattered is more like it. We cleaned up the mess, though the liquid seamed to be some kind of oil, so Kim had to shampoo the carpet. They didn't seem to upset, accidents happen. So that wasn't so bad. I was worried folks where going to be mad.

Well that was only the start of it... When I got home Mark was playing his video game and he looks to me and says, "You are going to hate me." First thing I thought was 'WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY COMPUTER.' But it wasn't the computer, he was cleaning the glass he got me for my birthday, and dropped it in the sink accidentally, it broke. I wasn't upset with him, obviously, after just being in a similar situation. But it still sucked.

And now we get to the worst disaster of all January 6, 2005 (A week before Friday the 13th I might add). I was coping files on Edward, I finally got her back together. The CPU and Motherboard proved to be quite a chore to get working again. And I've spent the last week pretty much working on her in all my free time. Anyhow she started to lag quite badly, and the first thing I thought was heat. So I powered her down and rebooted to check the motherboard temp (it was too lagged up to use any software to check it). 100 degrease Celsius. I yelled, "Shit!" and pulled the power cord. I don't know how log she was running at 100 degrease, but it was obvious the motherboard doesn't have a default temperature warning. I'd say if my CPU ever hit 70 I would want my computer to power down, this was 30 degrease more than that.

I found the cause of the problem quick enough, the flow indicator stayed still while I tested her again. The liquid was stagnant. This had been a common problem on my older model Radical-Edward but the new case seamed to aid the liquid cooling. I had moved all the liquid bays up by a slot the other day so I assumed that was the problem. I was wrong. After fiddling with it for hours Skyler suggested testing the pump, and my heart sank in my chest, as he was right. My pump had died. The pump had burnt out and let the liquid sit until the cooper water block absorbed so much heat it had actually warmed the coolant.

Just before Edward had died Mark had talked me into fronting him some cash to get his RAM in the mail, I quickly cancelled the order. Now I need a new pump. I found a nice looking one (it's a bit expensive) but ill be able to get rid of my reservoir and free up a drive bay. But its my thermal take products (Liquid Bay, Water Block, and Radiator are all 1/4 inch tubing, while most pumps seem to be either 1/2 or 3/8. So I also needed to buy a series of adapters and tubes. Grand total $147.48 plus shipping. So much for having extra money. Back to zero for me. (and of course the computer has to brake again before my day off).

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates. I got a new CPU for X-mas and while installing my new motherboard and CPU I decided to mess with win98 some more and (again) I wrecked the partition tables on all my hard discs. (Yeah I'm special). But Edward is looking sexier than ever now, running at 2.20ghz and 1ghz Front Side Buss (ZOOM!). First time I've owned a non-socket A board seance I was about 15.

Everything has been going well, I've been at work every day this week. I'm covering for Ricky while she is away, but that's ok because I need hours. We are behind on the bills still, (Mark and I had to front Kevin some money) but everything will work out in the end, always does. Than after I recover from this months rent Valentines day is coming up, followed by Kayla and My 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (YAY!).

Got the site updated to 2006, year change is a pain on fragmented poe, I had to re-upload every blog. But I was just excited to finally get to use my computer. Man I'm starving, hope Kayla takes me up on dinner, I want to take her to Chinese food. Sounds Awesome.

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