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February 2010
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Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
All Night and Day Sickness

Morning sickness is a lie! or at least it is for Kayla. At first Kayla was feeling bad in the mornings, than it stately escalated to throwing up in the mornings, and than over the last two weeks, she gets maybe two good hours of not feeling sick in the evening.

She's been feeling sick just about all day. After the first trimester its supposed to get better for her. This weekend she was limited to a shot-glass of power aid and crackers. Its been doing really well for her so far, so long as she relaxes and gives herself time to digest.

Today was Kayla's first day back to work after taking last week out sick. The smells associated with the bakery, and even worse the smells of the customers get to her real bad. As does the go go pace of her job. She didn't keep any food down tell after work today. I'm thinking its a combination of work stress, and too quickly standing and getting busy after eating.

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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Whats Really Up Next?

Finally I can inform all you interneters. Kayla and I are expecting, and we've already got names picked out. I cant wait to have a little Son or Daughter to teach all the little nothings of day to day life. It's going to be an adventure!

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Saturday, January 9th, 2010
Whats up Next?

As we all know its a new year, and twenty ten sounds futuristic to me. This year is set to bring us a few "historic" events I'm pretty stolked for; Tiberian Twilight (C&C4) is due out in March, & Zelda Wii 2 is due for X-Mas this year.

2010, The Last Year of the Space Shuttle

Click to visit the Space Shuttle Gallery

In space we have entered an exciting new frontier, But the U.S.A. will be relying on other nations once we lose launch capability for a period as the Shuttle Retires and the Ares passes its tests.

I think a blow to our technical superiority is real necessary at this time. The shuttles retirement was inevitable and on the horizon for NASA. The new replacement is a much more conservative, disposable space capsule much like the Apollo capsule used for years.

Id like to suggest the step backwards was encouraged by the economics of rocket launches, a reusable space ship is just not possible with our current materials. Every Space Shuttle would be stripped down and practically rebuilt every landing, While the Russians where able to build countless Space Stations and help us to construct a multi-national station, using their same rockets and capsules from the Moon race.

Russian Soyuz Space Capsule

Even today the outdated but functional Soyuz capsules are used as lifeboats for the ISS. With any luck the Ares rocket and its Orion capsule will be all that is needed for our Space efforts until we are ready to shoot for Mars.

Orion Space Capsule

Russia, China, and Europe will likely be left in charge of deliveries to the ISS after 2010, As our last five shuttle launches are scheduled to deliver by the end of the year. Once the Ares and Orion are complete, we should have a safer more economical way to reach the stars. One element of design I find highly practical about these old module design spacecraft, is how the heat shield remains hidden inside the craft until it separates for reentry. Unlike our retiring Shuttle who wears its venerable shielding all across its belly.

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