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02.27Anniversaries Rock!
02.23Red Alert 1-3(intros)
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02.04Baby's First Photo

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Saturday, February 27th, 2010
Anniversaries Rock! Updated 02.27.10-9pm

Wake Up Time

Weekends Rock! and today is no ordinary weekend. It's Kayla and My Sixth Anniversary. A day filled with omelets, and stew (coffee,coffee,coffee,coffee) Flowers a necklace & blank-canvases for my lady, and oh yes, a handmade card and brand-spanking-new iPod Touch for me! I wasn't banking on replacing my iPod Touch for at least another couple years. (32gb,speaker,and most important working headphone jack!)

Brightening Kayla's Game Station

We've been dating for Six Years TODAY and its gone by so fast. Only going to get faster with child_1 one the way, and Kayla is ~30% complete loading.

We hit some ruff times with Kayla's sudden baby-related all-day sickness. She has about doubled her good-feeling days. Which has been very nice. We will know next time, prepare for her to be out of work for 6-8 weeks. But our procrastinating on our tax returns, and Kevin's quick e-filing of our W2's sent via scanner found everything to work out. We have a surplus of funds right now resulting in a few amazing turns of fortune. Kayla's hanging on to most of her returns to emulate her paychecks at bills time, while she's going to gradually pick up more and more hours.

Its been quite nice this week having two days off in a row. After the baby news, I've stopped ever leaving work early to increase our fundage. Its really helped quite a bit, I used to work only about 32 of my hours and we made it by just fine. Now I'm picking up all 40... Not to mention the looming meat sale on the horizon. It's a 12 hour work day, always a pain. but. Bring on the overtime!

Life is good in Chrisland, oh sorry, The Land of Fantasy. Its been a fantastic weekend, and an incredible six years. LOVE YOU KAYLA!(+baby)

...Dinner Cooks

...Later that Night

TIE Defender

We went out to get French bread for our stew, we also hit Shopko and somehow, I walked out of shopko with a TIE Defender. I didn't even know the set existed. After dinner Kayla and I built it together. Due to its many wings, the TIE Defender was perfect for a dual assembly line LEGO workforce.

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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010
Red Alert 1-3(intros)

Red Alert Intros

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Friday, February 19th, 2010
Kayla Writes: To clear the air

Okay- so I have been hearing some discouraging words and rumors regarding my pregnancy. Yes- this child WAS planned and is VERY wanted. I am sick of people saying that my happy go lucky days are over- just because your child was not planned and you view your life as over is your own fault, so stop pushing your negativity onto me! Yes, I know that it will be a huge life change- parenthood is permanent, Chris and I know this- we are not stupid.

No- Chris and I will NOT be getting married, If you truly know me, then you would know that I do not believe in marriage-so stop pushing your religious views onto me. I am not saying in anyway that your religion is wrong- it is just not for me. I have many truly religious friends that are seriously wonderful people. They practice what they preach and have made their lives better because of it; they accept me for who I am no matter what I believe and vice versa. For everyone else- standing in a church does not make you any more of a Christian then standing in a garage makes you a car.

This was not meant to offend anyone- just to clear the air.

Also I would like to say thank you too all of you who have been supportive- which is 95% of you. Please ignore the first two paragraphs, they were not intended for you. I have received so much love and kindness that it is rather humbling. This would be impossile for me to go through without the constant love I receive from my family and close friends- you are all the world to me, and I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.

Thursday, February 18th, 2010
People Doctors, PC Doctors

We had another doctors appointment this morning, followed again by breakfast at Paul's Pancake Parlor (THANKS RONI!)

Everything looks normal, and we got to hear its fast little heart-beat again. The Doctor couldn't find it at first because our little 11-week human was moving around too much. We worked out a payment plan, which is going to run us about $157 a month, insurance covering the first $600 auto-magically, and than 80% of the remainder. So overall this 157 a month is a steal.

After breakfast Kayla took a nap and I worked on Schuyler's computer for a couple hours. While I was messing with that machine I used it to copy Mom's documents and photos to her external drive. All I need to do now is find Windows so I can get it onto Kevin's laptop and I think all my computer chores are out of the way.

For dinner Kayla's Dad took us out to the Montana Club. We talked about getting us into a house before the baby is born. Would be dreamy to have all the haste of moving and bureaucracy out of the way before the baby.

1: Kayla Contacts Pacific Funds,
inquire about using money on a home and weather its best to transfer the money to her bank, or if there is a better method for using the funds on a home downpayment.

2: We Contact Donna,
ask questions about purchasing a home, and using the Pacific Funds money

3: Kayla Contacts her Grandpa,
he will help us locate a good realtor to get us into a house

4... Automocar... boy oh boy.

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Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Chris and Shayne see Califone

Shayne and I went to see Califone Live and in person at the Adams Center. The band is from Chicago, and they play an ambient sort of alternative rock. Lots of subtle noises amidst drums and guitar.

It was a fantastic show, the band showed a lot of personality. If anything the show was too short, The hour they played for flew by. They where the opening band for a band called... Maxtor or something... M something Wilco. Anyhow we left after Califone left the stage. Shayne bought me a T-Shirt that totally rocks, It's a very "Kayla-shade" of green.

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Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Baby's First Photo

Are you Dexter? or are you River?

First Photo of our Baby 9 Weeks, 2 Days

Today we found ourselves in the Physicians 3 building. It's a trippy building to be in, because a couple years ago I spent a weekend there, fixing their Ultrasound machine, more specifically the gateway attached the the ultrasound machine.

The Doctors office has Kayla taking Zofran which is a brand of Ondansetron She's only just started taking these pills, our pharmacist suggested she start at half doses. So far she's only thrown up immediately after her first pill. She's been in incredible spirits today, we even went out to breakfast. She's taking a nap now, and she's kept her Belgium-waffles down.

Today we got to see our first ultrasound of our baby! It's very exciting, I even set an alarm early so I wouldn't miss it, though these days it's very rare for Kayla (and thus me) to stay asleep much past 8.

We got to hear its heart. Which was beating so fast (170bpm) Budump, Budump, Budump...

Our Baby arrives September 7th!

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