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03.31 "Hail March"
03.30 Space Ship 2..
03.27 Downtown Adventure
03.26 My Review..
03.24 Tipsy and Kabobs
03.21 Chicken Enchiladas
03.20 Five Guys Burgers and..
03.19 Kayla's Day at Work
03.18 Our Weekend Naps..
03.17 Everythings Going Grand
03.12 My Saturday as seen..
03.11 Inevitable Car-Machine
03.06 Impending Housing
03.04 Rei3 Screenshots

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Tues-Wed, March 30-31st, 2010
"Hail March"
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Today's Episode

So its been hailing. Our weather is all over the chart this spring, go mountains! Of course my cat is terrified of hail. I've been living in skirmish matches of C&C4, yesterday Kayla said she'd play WITH ME if I got her a copy. The next morning I rushed out to game stop to commandeer a fresh new copy of Tiberian Twilight. I'm sure Kayla will fall in love with the defense class.

We went out to Paul's, because we didn't get to the previous day because Kayla's Doctor Appointment was during my lunch break. After breakfast we spent the rest of the day playing C&C4, and learned that Tiberium Crystals are given to everyone on your team, no matter who returned them. :D very cool.

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
cool in the NEWS
Space Ship 2, White Knight Two
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White Knight Two and its payload sistership VSS Enterprise completed their first test flight. Putting tourists that much closer to low earth orbit.

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Saturday, March 27th, 2010
Downtown Adventure
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Today's Episode

Shayne Kayla and I name the car Phil, which is nice to have a name for the contraption. We also drove downtown for Taco Del-Sol. Shayne told us a story about a hobo who'd been stabbed. Which is the best on a nice day. Burritos down by the river downtown, The best.

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Friday, March 26th, 2010
Tiberian Twilight Basics &
My Review
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Today's Episode

Ok, I've been hesitating writing this, since the 16th. Imagine how hard that was for me to do, I've been playing the crap out of Command and Conquer 4, and I've been trying to put into order how I feel about this game.

It's NOT Command and Conquer. I just can't delude myself into believing it is. It borrows ALL the "unit concepts" from C&C, but thats it.

I first stated that I've been playing the crap out of it, It's truly a fun strategy game. If RTS is your thing this is a marvel of multi-front combat, and a deep enough "Faction" Leveling system to keep you wanting more and more XP.

Simple answer to a difficult question, "Should I buy this game or not?"
If your looking to play a Command and Conquer Game
-Get Red Alert 3

The Crawler

I Love the Crawler! And its what keeps me booting the game back up. It's just like an MCV, however instead of unpacking into a base builder, it unpacks into:
(based on the class of Crawler you choose) Support, "Air Port" Defense, "Barracks" or Offense, "War Factory" Also note Queued units build while the crawler is on the go!

Support: The plus to the support class is they have Air Units and the Crawler is itself an Air Unit, However Air units, while being very powerful cant capture Tiberium Nodes, which is essential to wining. See how it must have been easy to name this class? They also have a tab for what would have been on the left side of the screen in the last couple C&C games. Powers cost support points and you have a number alloted per match, using these powers to repair units in an area, boost build times, etc. Support can at least build 1 tank I've so far unlocked.

Offense: What sums offense up best? It's a war factory. Your Crawler is on legs, and it unpacks into a tank producing factory. You have no Special build tab like the other two classes have. But you get the most powerful of units.

Defense: Your Crawler basically deploys into a barracks. Infantry in this game have been beefed up quite a lot (they are more like light vehicles in previous C&C games). Defense can also build turrets near their Crawler, pack-up and set up new turrets near other Tiberium Nodes. Another perk is Defense are the only team who can garrison structures, using buildings already on the map.

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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
Tipsy and Kabobs
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Today's Episode

Tipsy loves her new scratching post. I suppose because its cardboard like a box. Kayla has too much fun with cookies at work. They've been baking loads of stuff getting ready for Easter. Jenni (her co-worker) the Fraptuous God-Mother got to feel the Baby kick! For dinner Chris whipped up kabobs. Made them at work actually. PS: Santa Loves greese!

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Sunday, March 21st, 2010
Chicken Enchiladas
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Today's Episode

Kayla and I experiment with making our own enchiladas. They turned out AWESOME, Thanks Kim!


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Saturday, March 20th, 2010
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
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Today's Episode

Jeremy, A Co-worker from the meat dept. Stopped into work on his day off and Invited us all to this burger joint near the East-Gate Albertsons. Thanks for buying us all burgers and fries dude!

Good foodstuffs!

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Friday, March 19th, 2010
Kayla's Day at Work
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Today's Episode

Observe a typical day in the life of Kayla. Check out all the tasty treats.

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Thursday, March 18th, 2010
Our Weekend Naps Adventure
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Today's Episode

We started our today perfectly slowly, as any good weekend should go. We both slept in tell 11:30-Noon, Kayla slept in! She wasn't up at 5am per-usual being sick. I had my coffee and Kayla played some skirmish matches while she woke up, and I came crawling back to C&C4 after having my ass handed to me in several matches (not to mention game crashes) the previous night.

Command and Conquer 4 is by no means command and conquer game-play. While only the basic fundamental RTS mechanics remain, C&C4 is growing on me. I'm starting to dig the whole, camping nodes tell victory game-play. Almost reminds me of Dawn of War, however the Crawler is a nice touch. As far as no-base RTS titles go, the crawler adds some nostalgia to a fading strategy type. At least EA gave us Red Alert 3, to preserve classic command and conquer style game-play.

After our morning games, Kayla was itching to go somewhere. The sun was shining brightly, and outside was begging us to leave or LCD's and venture outdoors. Soon our destination evolved to Naps, and than by Schuylers place on the way home.


Can you belive they had Wifi at Naps in Hamilton? Now we're back home, and I'm settling into a freash game of C&C4, tell next time. I do love US time.

And Burgers....

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
Everythings Going Grand
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Today's Episode

We had our Doctors checkup today, and everything is going swimmingly. The baby's heartbeat is still normal, and the nurse found it right quick this time. In seconds she had the speedy little heart on speaker, last time she had to try two deferent devices and search and search for its heartbeat. Next appointment is the big one. Though either-way, my child is doomed to my favorite color, yellow.

We are awesome friends, this morning before our apointment we picked up our friend Shayne, not only will we make a friend dance for a ride- but we'll also post it on youtube free of charge.

I'll have to request to be off by work by 1pm Monday, April 5th. I'm not going to miss that appointment, period!

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Friday, March 12th, 2010
My Saturday as seen from Sunday
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Today's Episode

Yesterday was a crazy busy day, Remember the list I relsated?

1: Kayla Contacts Pacific Funds
2: Chris resurrects the Automobile
3: Chris Gets a new 1-Year Leese
I got a month to month Leese, so we can bail at any time with a months notice. I do plan to sit pretty for a while.

I woke up early my Saturday (which was in reality yesterday, Thursday). Kayla had been up since 2am, and I was finaly able to peal myself from bed at about 8, 8:30am. I always see her when she's up late at night, or I guess its more like early early in the morning. But as hard as I try to get up and see how shes doing I keep falling asleep.

I woke up and I didn't even have my cup of coffee. Tossed the whole morning ritual out the door, hopped on my bycycle and hauled ass to the Court-House.

My Dad used to work in that Romanesque building when I was small, so the gated parking lot always reminds me of pick-ups and drop-offs.

Getting new tags took seconds, I walked in the door (by the buss-stop), took the door to the left, handed registration, and cash. I waited for a printer and back to my bicycle I went, one-hundred sixteen dollars lighter. On my ride home I checked on Taco-Del-Sol, but they where closed. I had figured it would be to early at not-quite-nine, but Kayla's reoccurring veggie burrito dreams had me on a crusade.

I dropped my bike off at home and left again, this time to my friend Jessie's (the car has been living there). He works a late shift and was dead asleep at 9, but I texted him about getting my back-seat out of his garage anyway, figuring he'd get it when he woke. I took the car, dawning freash-new tags and DROVE to the gas station for a refill.

It's the only car I've ever used for any extended period of time, so it came back to me, oddly like how you don't forget your bicycle. I grabed fuel injector cleaner and filled it into my tank. Anyone else do this? I watch the gallons instead of cost on the pump, I get them mixed up all the time. On the plus side I had plenty of money to fill the tank, driving away from the gas station, some fifty dollars lighter.

I want to learn about changing fluids, but I got on a serious obsession for killing off my weekend's chores off the bat. My friends wouldn't be awake or off work for hours, so I drove strait to the Les Schwab (with no back seat, lol) and had them do everything, driving away from there, some eighty dollars lighter. Replacing the fluids and a few misc parts. The mechanic commented that I hadn't even put 1000 miles on it since my last visit.

I stopped home to check on Kayla, who wasn't keeping anything down. So I ended up running to shopko to pickup a cassette-tape adapter for me and hit star-bucks for a strawberry-banana smoothie for her. When I got back home Kayla said I had a text from Jessie, so I drove over to his place to get my back seat.

Jessie and I ended up spending a few hours working on the car. Jessie wheeled out his air-compressor and I filled the tires while he monkeyed with getting the rear doors apart. My doors where a lot more complicated and difficult to work on than other automatic doors he'd encountered, so we ended up going with a rigging it for free. With the goal to keep in temperature, and keep out weather and people.

We dismantled booth doors. Oddly one window we where able to get all the way up, the other wouldn't budge, keeping it stuck open about half an inch. We cut wood blocks to keep the windows pined up, and placed them inside the car doors. At least a short term permanent solution to keep things inside and outside my car. I plan to rig something to cover that half inch, should be easy. Also now I know how to disassemble the doors on my own, if I decide they must roll down in the future.

I started to drive home, but instead drove out to PPM, down Reserve Street to negotiate a new Leese agreement, effectively killing all my weekend chores dead in their tracks. Well other than dishes, those died today.

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Thursday, March 11th, 2010
Inevitable Car-Machine
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Today's Episode

We had our Doctors checkup today, and everything is going swimmingly. The baby's heartbeat is still normal, and the nurse found it right quick this time. In seconds she had the speedy little heart on speaker, last time she had to try two deferent devices and search and search for its heartbeat. Next appointment is the big one. Though either-way, my child is doomed to my favorite color, yellow.

We are awesome friends, this morning before our apointment we picked up our friend Shayne, not only will we make a friend dance for a ride- but we'll also post it on youtube free of charge.

I'll have to request to be off by work by 1pm Monday, April 5th. I'm not going to miss that appointment, period!

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Monday, March 8th, 2010
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Kayla starts her second trimester and her all day sickness goes away almost instantly!

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Saturday, March 6th, 2010
Impending Housing
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Informative all round general post. Regarding goings-ons.

Long story short(ish), our roommate Roni is moving out at the end of the month. Which is both positive and negative. On the minus side, this means higher monthly bill costs for Kayla and I, which we've done before so it will turn out just fine. I intend to focus on the positive side, more space for Baby.

Last Month I posted a list of objectives. I'm leaning towards re-slating them. I'm starting to see the objective of landing in a house before the baby is born financially improbable. The icing being a ticking clock, my Leese needing renewed by the 15th. I'm crunched for a decision. Half year Leese, or a whole year Leese.

I'm thinking the most practical rout is:

1: Kayla Contacts Pacific Funds,
inquires about transferring her money into her savings account. We than use her savings account and continue making a savings for a house.

2: Chris resurrects the Automobile,
I'm in progress with this now, Our property management spurred this one. I had me move it because of expired tags.
(note about expired tags. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE YEARS YOU DIDNT GET TAGS, REGAURDLESS OF VEHICAL USE. stupid. So note: you can't really drydock a car).

3: Chris Gets a new 1-Year Leese
I plan to stay here for a year or two, and add to Kayla's savings money, try to land a house after we've built up some credit, as well as other qualifications (like pay-stubs). Getting Kayla on the Leese, so she can start earning renters experience is also an objective this Leese renewal.

This is closer to our original plan, and though the idea of a house is a nice thought. I think its just a couple years down the road. Maybe one year if we play our cards right. Financially I don't think its wise to end up with a large monthly mortgage payment. We need to get geared paying the rent 50-50 again, and get used to budgeting for the adition of another, quite Unemployable (jokes, jokes) crew member.

I did get the car to start under its own power. It runs and everything. I'm trying Dad's battery charger over night, hooked directly to the battery. If it starts tomorrow evening we are in business. If not I'll spend a hundred on a new battery.

Crazy Battery Under the Seat!

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Wednesday, March 4th, 2010
Rei3 Screenshots
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