Web Design By Christopher Munoz

I have hands on experience writing websites with WordPress and HTML 4.

Need a site you can maintain yourself? 
WordPress powers this site. It’s a partially automated website construction kit that helps me construct the website you want, updating it yourself is as simple as posting to your Facebook feed. No Code Required.

Contact: Christopher Munoz
email: chris.munoz@gmail.com
phone/voicemail: 406-546-5174

Web Design Rates:

Simple Sites:

A small website, only a few pages, like an internet flyer.



Involved Sites: 

Larger websites with many pages, requirements, and contributing users.



Business Sites: 

Involved websites that include a storefront or marketplace.

$2,000 or more

* Web Design prices are a two part payment, I require HALF my cost upfront, the other half at completion of your website.

Computer Repair: 

$15/hour, Near Long Beach, Washington ONLY