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The 4th


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06-29 & 30
We've been both working full-time which leaves very little time to be together as a family. But the money is good, so we're plugging away. Thanks for the help Grandma! River's been playing along really well, she had some difficulty adapting to a nap-less schedule and will likely soon be napping again (she goes to bed at night better if she's napped for some reason).

River and Tipsy are best buds, they mutually kiss, which is pretty darn cute. After work today, Grandma brought us home a bike-trailer. THANKS SO MUCH, River's going to love it.

Later in the evening while Mama worked, Grandma Azie and Daddy took River out to the water-park for some fun in the sun.

Today we hung out with Grandma and Auntie Z, we also made some delicious chicken curry. :D its good stuff! River of course enjoyed bath-time, its a nice way to cool her down in this hot house. Its been in the 80s in the living room this week.

In the evening we went out to Pizza Hut with Grandma Marilyn and Bill. THANKS FOR DINNER GUYS!

On the forth of July Daddy didn't have to work, so River decided we should go someplace, all morning she brought shoes and a coat saying lets bail! So in the evening we went out to the Frenchtown house for some fun with the family.

River and I darted back to Missoula to pick Mama up from work at 5, and than we hung out watched movies and fireworks. It was a pretty relaxed evening, and River did very very well. Not even scared at all.

July Twenty-Twelve
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