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Today's Episode
River Diver


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Today Daddy had a meeting at the College to wrap up and finalize school plans. YAY now we wait.

After a morning of TV and breakfast we hit the road, destination Fairmont Hot-springs Resort. I would swear to you River knew exactly where we were going. When we got to the pool River took about an hour to get re-used to her water-wings and than she was off, causing trouble and diving right in.

In the evening we ate Pork Chop Johns with Debbie and Kaeden, which was of course delicious, after food-stuffs the kids played at the park for a spell and than back to swimming.

We finished off the day with a tradition of root-beer floats.

The next morning we awoke after a long night. River didn't go to sleep until 12:47, and even than we had to drive her around in the car to get her to pass out. Unfortunately in the middle of the night (about 3 am or so) River rolled out of bed and got a huge bruise on her cheek, poor kid.

Before hitting the high-way we hit the water-slide! River Loved it!

July Twenty-Twelve
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