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Today Mama played Bat Man on the big screen, River naturally cheered from the side lines until it was her turn to play. After a brief turn in the driver seat, River decided Bat Man was not for her, and climbed into Daddy's computer for some Peek-A-Boo web-game.

Today Daddy cleaned River's room, unfortunately River woke up with a head ache (probably slept funny). Thankfully she was just fine in the afternoon, but she was so pathetic in the AM Daddy almost brought her in to the doctor.

Today Daddy and River enjoyed the park at the bottom of the hill instead. Later after dinner, we all tried to learn some numbers using dice (d6), River played along at first, but after she realized she was being filmed, every number turned into "dude," we'll try again tomorrow.

Today while Daddy was doing dishes and rocking out, he noticed River played her DSi, and teaching herself colors, she was repeating the color the kids would say when she'd touch a horse, way to go squirt!

August Twenty-Twelve
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