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This is a horrible story, and I just feel rotten about the whole thing. Everything is fine now, She's a trooper and really, REALLY REALLY LUCKED OUT.

It was about 9pm, and we'd been camping for about 2-3 hours. Mama went for fire-wood, and Daddy and River where lining up pine-cones. We where probably 6-8 feet from the fire, and River was helping line up the pine-cones, when all of a sudden she stands up and bolts RIGHT INTO THE FIRE. I turned in an instant she was running at the fire, I took a huge step, Just in time to see her turn her head back at me, smiling as she tripped and super-man dove into the fire pit.

My Baby was spread across the fire, Literally, the fire was against her belly. Her feat where sticking up on the grill. I had her in my arms a second later, IF THAT. I HAD ALMOST stopped her, I didn't take any time to think or look, I just pulled all her cloths off and bolted to the creek and put her in up to her neck. I assumed the worse.

Thankfully she got off easy for hugging a camp fire. I have no idea how she didn't burn off her eyebrows, or burn her face, belly, or chest, back or legs... I'm very thankful

Her Right hand, and left armpit got the worst of it. And as for Daddy, I feel just awful. I WAS RIGHT THERE, she was right next to me, and in a split second I saw the worst thing I can ever imagine, and there was nothing I could do.

I keep reliving it in my head, Seeing River in the fire, and hearing my screams. Its just the most awful feeling.

Today she's all smiles and laughs, I called our Doctor (Dr. Lain) and he said we did the right thing, cold water, burn ointment and gauze and medical wrap. he said thats about all we can do. He also said to keep her burns clean, and to take her in to the er if the burn under her arm turns black or white. otherwise she's going to be just fine.

I HAVE NO IDEA how she didn't get burned head to toe. but all accounts it defies physics. Attached some pictures, she (we) (I) really got "lucky" though I wish we could turn back time. She's being a real sport. Playing and everything, right now she's drawing.

So glad my daughter is "ok" im so VERY THANKFULL

August Twenty-Twelve
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