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Today's Episode
Two Years Old
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We've all been sick here, unfortunately Mama got the crud, and worked all along while having it I might add... Soon after Daddy contracted it, and right on his heals little River.

Daddy spent all night throwing up, being sick sucks. The next day at school and work he was feeling a little off, and spiteful.

Our valley is covered in a think veil of smoke. Its kind of been a bummer way to end the summer, kinda like winter were stuck inside.

Today River drank tomato water! -Yup its what it sounds like.

Today was River's 2nd birthday! River woke up to a hallway full of balloons, had a breakfast of her favorite food: BACON, and later after Daddy got home from school, we hit the carousel and later the train at the mall.

River picked out several toys today and really got that it was her special day.

Today River had a doctors appointment, to our surprise no shots though River still didn't like seeing the doctor. Poor beans, what a way to start your day.

Saturday was Rivers family party, Roberta even crafted her a Rapunzel cake! Unfortunately it wasn't recorded, but right after blowing out the candles, River marched around to the forks, took over to the cake and started digging in.

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