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Today, friday, Mama and baby played early and Daddy headed out to school. Things are finally clear here, so Mama can once again capture the sky.

Daddy Daughter Day, Daddy and River went out to Bonner Park, and oh boy we've got a big money. She climbed and ran her little heart out. It was so cold out I kept overhearing other kids "my hands are freezing!" so we left after about an hour.

Today Mama and Jyssica met up at the Mall Train for some baby-time fun. River got along real well with Korbyn, and everyone had a good time. Daddy even caught the tail-end of the activity after class. Mostly doing home work and eating a subway sandwich.

River LOVES the Iron Giant, all accept the scene when the boy first meets the giant, she thinks that's pretty scary.

Today is Friday, and a weird Friday it is. Daddy's 1st class is a 20 min meeting at lunch instead, so no class till 10! We had a nice easy morning with a slow start, last min homework, and of course Wall-E.

While Daddy was at school, Jyssica and her family came by to hang out with River. Just as before River and Korbyn got along really well, River remember a long forgotten toy.

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