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Today's Episode
American Spaghetti

Marilyn Harrison: Watching her falling asleep made me sleepy! Yawn...almost time for bed....haha (and it isn't even 6:00 yet !)
Corey Munoz: Phonebook. Awesome. Also liked how she started saying the "There she is part" and wouldn't lower her food hand while falling asleep.
Chris Munoz: Yeah, she passed out sandwich in hand :D what a cutie
Corey Munoz: more like what a champ. any kid who can prioritize "save the food" over "I'm tired" wins some points.
Jenni Brown: Daddy/Daughter gigglefest is just WAY too cute. You should have edited it could hurt someone with that level of adorable.

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11-03-12 to 11-15-12
On today's episode, River learns how to scare people. Also, Uncle Shayne and Aunt Jenni stop over for some wholesome festivities. River LOVES Jenni! Enjoy blocks, dollhouses, and River falling asleep watching her movie. AND MORE SCARING.

November Twenty-Twelve
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