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Today's Episode
No Homework!

Marilyn Harrison: Good Daddy...letting her play with your toys!!
Scott Sutton: image comment
Chris Munoz: Wonderful! :D , yeah, no matter how old you are legos are the worst thing to step on

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This Sunday opened up with Legos, River is really into playing with the clone troopers, opening the hatches, and taking off the troopers helmets.

Later in the evening Kayla's lady friends came over to watch their crappy vampire show, Aaron helped work out some issues in the Bounty Hunters dice system. It always helps to get input from people who have never played before.

Today Daddy picked up his writing Final (Crosses fingers), after an anxious morning 100% an A for the whole semester.

Also this weekend, Daddy built River a little TV using spare parts! and visited the Mall Train. Later in the evening, we somehow squised in an actual game of Bounty Hunters 3.

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