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Project: Flipnotes


Summary: Various Animations

Project: Misc Anime Music Videos, 2002ish

Summary: Before I started school at Sentinel for my senior year, I had a lot of time to waste. I chose to spend my time slaving of clips and bits of video, plucked from my gigs and gigs of Anime storage (mostly in Japanese) and I chose to sync these clips to songs.

Project: Pen/Paper Role-Playing Game
-Version 3

incomplete: 2000-2010

Summary: Ready for adventure? Do you have a thirst for the stars that not even a tall cup of frothy Kulish can quench? Want to experience distant worlds? Encounter exotic substances and creatures? Prepare for the Hunt! Become a licenced Bounty Hunter and get access to the largest collection of fugitives on the chain. The Universe is vast, and Justice is counting on you!

Project: Short Novel
-Updated 06.19.07 chapter 1 rewrite

incomplete: 2004-2008

Summary: In the distant future the United States is a shamble of radiation and ruins. Super Viruses from biological warfare run rampant killing off anyone who lacks immunity to the silent predators. During these times "The Spears of Heaven," a Religious Cult, controls the will of the people. Richard Plike, a former member of "The Spears" must confront his friends and, 'their God,' to fight for his new beliefs.

Project: Short Story, 2003

Summary: A man's soul pushed to the edge, causing him to 'snap.' Killing a person in cold blood, he soon realizes how he loves this feeling. The feeling to take the life of another and he becomes addicted to the sensation of murder.

Project: Assorted Homemade Card Games

date 2000 - 2003 or so

Summary: I spent a lot of my time as a kid in MSpaint of all things. Here is a collection of cards I've found.

Project: 3D Modeling

date 2000 - 2001 or so

Summary: All the Computer Graphics I created, some animated, some still.

Project: Short Story, 2001

Summary: A man and his family hurry to escape the country before the United States is attacked and war starts on American Soil. The father manages to secure seats on the very last civilian sub-orbital transport flight.

Project: Poetry Collection, 2004

Summary: A collection of thoughts and artwork. Kind of weird.

Project: Novel, 2000

Summary: A 200 some page book I wrote when I was 15... Home Photo Album Poetry Works Bounty Hunters RPG